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Vesak - 2018
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Blood Donation Campaign - 2018

Namo Buddhaya! With compassion and in hopes of a recovery for those who are suffering from life threatening circumstances which require blood, the Mahamevnawa Meditation Center of New york hosted a blood drive on August 12th at its premises. Under the guidance of the resident monk, the youth of the Mahamevnawa Meditation Center organized this meritorious event which resulted in 43 successful donations. May the youth who organized this event, the employees of New York Blood Center, and everyone else who helped to make this successful blood drive reap many merits! 

Poson - 2018

The Mahamevnawa is a group of monasteries established for spiritual development through the teachings of the Sakyamuni Buddha (600 B.C.). Our wish is to help you purify your mind and reach the ultimate goal of realization of Nirvana, the true and unbound liberation of the self. 


230 Decker Avenue, Staten Island,

New York , 10302



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